Manly and all that Jazz..

Manly Jazz festival is an annual event. It is possibly one of the most exciting events of the year, here on the Northern Beaches. 


Jazz bands came from all over Australia and performed their finest acts, while relaxed crowd enjoyed good weather, drinks and some delicious snacks from food stores set up all along the main stage areas. Sounds like heaven on Earth right? Correct.


I mean what could be better than a sunny day on the beach, some Jazz and a glass or two of vino?


The Festival runs over a 9-10 day period from 26th September – 5th October, allowing those who have very busy personal schedules plenty of opportunities to catch some great musicians and coastal weather at their best. 


What makes this event really special is that it is enjoyable for all ages, from young to old.


Kids love letting their guard down and just enjoy running around and playing with other little ones. Some even practise for their future stardom, like the girl below.


Oh boy she enjoyed her dancing, stealing the spot light from the Jazz band completely.


Another girl was discovering this thing called ‘dancing’ for the very first time – perhaps one day, break dancing will be her forte.



Of course the older generation enjoyed listening to the songs and music of the younger days, when Jazz used to be as popular as today’s pop culture of “One Directions” and “Justin Biebers”.



And all the “in-betweeners” were just happy to chill out after yet another crazy week at work and finally sit down with a glass of something or an iPhone to hang out with mates and family for a couple of care free hours of Facebook bliss.


Or just groove with the music.


If Jazz is not your cup of tea, you can also catch some rock and country bands in between – there is something for everyone.


And if live music is not your thing at all, there are plenty of bars to visit with in-house DJ’s and chilling pods. 



This is certainly an event that is worth visiting and you can find more information on the website below: 

I know my father-in-law would have loved listening to different styles of Jazz while enjoying a couple of whiskeys on the rocks.


I certainly will be looking forward to yet another year of Jazz.. 

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