“Just Do It”

I love Nike’s slogan “Just Do It”. It is simple, it is powerful, it is directive. According to Wikipedia, this slogan was introduced in 1988 and has since helped to make Nike more profitable. It is described as both “universal and intensely personal” in the article by Jeremy Peters. What makes it so special is that It doesn’t specify that “Doing It” should only happen when it is right, when you are good, when there is a full moon, when you are rich, etc. The power lies in its simplicity and let’s be realistic here, how many of us leave our excuses at home and focus our efforts on “Just Doing It”? How many of us don’t wait for the perfect moment to do something but rather do it when it is not. When you ask someone what they would rather be doing right now, the answer that comes back most of the time is – “Oh I want to buy a house but I have to wait until I am older, until I am more financially independent or I want to be a marketing director but I can’t apply for the job until I am more experienced or I can’t write a blog until I am more popular, etc”.


Don’t get me wrong a healthy mix of perfection and timing can certainly help to achieve a desired result and you certainly won’t become a CEO overnight (unless you have millions of $ in your bank account) however, more often than not we get caught up in excuses why we can’t or shouldn’t “Just Do” something rather than why we can or why we should.


I fell in love with photography completely, deeply, a couple of years ago. Photography became the second love of my life, my husband of course will always be the first but what started off as a simple exercise to help out my husband’s dragon boating team to photograph a training session, turned into a passionate love affair. See my earlier photos below.


The minute I held that Canon DSLR camera in my hands I realised It was love at first sight. What I didn’t realise is that it would take over me and consume me to the point of no return. Since that day, this love affair kept developing and growing until I have realised that it does not have to be an affair at all but rather it can turn into a legit relationship, a business idea I can develop over time and commit to.


I love photographing people and events. Initially I got so inspired and excited – the idea of being there and photographing special moments in people’s lives made me grin from ear to ear. The idea of producing images that could withstand decades made my heart glow.


I pictured client meetings, photo albums, photo editing sessions with a cup of coffee next to me, I pictured Facebook page and a blog site full of comments and ideas but most importantly I pictured couples, families and people who would be letting me capture their special moments and allow me to be there to see all the love, the joy and happiness that binds them in that special moment, forever frozen in time on a photograph. 


This has given me something to aspire to something to look forward to but then suddenly the seeds of doubt started to set in, polluting my mind with thousands of “what if statements”. Usually “if statements” are great when it comes to Excel in my line of work but when it comes to mind, it’s just noise that clouds the vision and stops one from seeing things clearly. Things like “what if I can’t do it”, “what if I am not good enough”, “what if there are hundreds of more experienced and skilled photographers than me”, “what if I don’t get any clients”, “what if..what if.. what if” started creeping in more and more into my mind. Around that time I have mentioned my idea to a colleague who used to be a wedding photographer in Canada and recently moved to Sydney. She said to me that it is very difficult to make it here in Sydney as a photographer, the market is saturated, the competition is high, it is not worth the effort.


I pondered on that statement for a long time and for a while my dream of becoming a wedding photographer has stayed put in the shadows of my doubts. I thought what is the point of trying when she is right, it is not worth it.. Until one day I woke and realised that it was.

Why you may ask? What has changed your mind? Well I have realised that for the first time in my life I feel truly passionate about something, I feel like I have a purpose, I have all these stories to tell and I have been wanting to tell them all my life, I just didn’t know how. Photography offers me a medium through which I can share my stories, my view points, the beauty that I get to see and experience. 


I knew then what I needed to do and I just needed to do it. No more excuses, no more what “if statements” unless they are strictly applied to my day job. I don’t need to wait until I am more skilled, until I have a perfect website or a perfect logo, these will come and will develop over time. I should just get on with it and “Just Do It”. It is a start, it is line on a blank page, it is a dream and I am planning to turn it into something real but it won’t happen by osmosis, it won’t happen on it is own, it won’t happen while I wait for the perfect time but through hard work, passion and true commitment I am confident that it will happen if I “Just Do It”.


So go on, “Just Do It” whatever it is you want to do, whether it is to become an award-winning writer or an entrepreneur or whatever you want to be don’t wait until that one perfect day because there will not be a more perfect day than today, there will never be any guarantees along the way, only a true determination to succeed. 

Why wait when you can “Just Do It”?

Always yours 

Maria Flash Photography

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