A Whole New World – Swatee’s and Vasant’s pre-wedding celebrations 

Our favorite Disney song from Aladdin goes like this..

“I can show you the world

Shining, shimmering, splendid…”

Swatee’s and Vasant’s Sangeet night was truly a night to remember. For a brief 6 hours of this beautiful event, this is how I saw the world in the presence of this couple – everything seemed more shimmering and splendid, alongside many performers that evening, love certainly took the center stage.


Decor 2

Throughout life, we get to meet all sorts of people – we meet clever people, funny people, intellectual people, talented people, beautiful people and seldomly we meet kind people. What is even more unusual is when we find a truly rare combination of people who embody all the characteristics mentioned above. Certainly Swatee and Vasant are that rare combination. Their inner and outer beauty are both inspiring and humbling.


A well orchestrated skit by Swatee’s beautiful bridesmaids on how the couple met and their journey to commitment has made me realise how special the bond is between these two people. It was clear from the presentations and performances that these two are true soul mates and that their love is like a universe – it’s forever.

Guests 1

This was a fun evening a week before the wedding, when families and friends gather together to celebrate this beautiful couple in a less formal and more relaxed atmosphere.




There was a lot of music, dance and singing and the energy of the room was just electric. There were a few moments where I caught myself doing little dance with my feet :).

All 2


I don’t need to explain more, the love that these two share radiates from within and lights up the room and everyone can see and feel it.



A few days after Sangeet, I had one more event to look forward to – a Mehndi evening. This is a special and festive evening which takes place a day or two before the ceremony, where Mehndi artist draws very detailed and complex designs on the hands and feet of the bride. Of course many other ladies participate and receive some stunning designs on their hands for the ceremony. Mehndi symbolises love and traditionally it is believed that the darker the colour of Mehndi the more love bride will receive from her husband and mother-in-law. Swatee certainly looked stunning as her designs were being completed.

Mendi 1

So much colour, beauty and radiance filled up the rooms of Swatee’s Parents home.

Mehndi 2Mehndi 3


I wish them both a wonderful life together and I hope the splendid love that I got to observe during these events will carry them throughout life into old age. I wish them many more smiles and laughter and many many more days filled with joy and happiness together and with their loved ones.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special celebrations, memories which I will keep for life.

Truly Yours,

Maria Flash Photography

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