Emily and Karl- Love makes the world go round

Boy meets a girl, girl meets a boy, boy meets a boy, girl meets a girl and boom! Fireworks? Sometimes it’s the whole nine yards, sometimes it’s a slow burner like those slow pressure cookers. Human beings are not monogamous creatures, we unlike penguins spend many decades finding the “one”. We try different relationships, we date different people until we find the “one” that fits. When we find the one we feel ecstatic, we feel inspired, we feel invigorated, we feel blessed and above all we feel loved. It is a wonderful feeling and I believe it is one of life’s greatest gifts is to love and be loved.

Meet this couple Emily and Karl – they met a couple of years ago at a party and now these two are inseparable. They don’t go to movies because just like everyone else they cant agree half of the time on what to watch since she likes action movies and he likes comedies but they sure do look amazing together. At the moment they are touring Europe and seeing some of the most romantic and iconic places. I wish them a safe and an enjoyable trip and I hope their love will keep on shining for many more years to come.


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Fun in the sun..

Welcome to my brand new Blog 🙂

First of all I would like to say thank you for visiting. I am so excited to share this beautiful world of photography with you. It is an incredible journey and every day there are so many new opportunities to look at life through a lens and capture beautiful moments, forever, locked in time. That is the thing about photography – it is timeless, it stays with you to remind you of the journey you have travelled, of the friends made along the way and of course of the captured memories which can be shared for many generations.

Finally after a really long and miserable winter in Sydney, the sun has finally decided to share some warmth with us. It was a beautiful day on the Northern Beaches filled with delicious food, Sardinian wine and plenty of sunshine. Oh how I wish long weekends would last forever..

Nita looked stunning in blue..

Pilu, Freshwater

Northern beaches are truly stunning. There are so many places to visit and see – from blue waters to ancient castles on the North Head – a real dream for every photographer.



But in addition to some beautiful locations, nothing can brighten up a photo like a few sun rays in spring.


It was a lot of fun shooting at the International College of Management in Manly, beautiful scenery and stunning views have presented many opportunities for stunning portraits.

This shot below reminds me of a scene from Downton Abbey series.


I am certainly looking forward to many more days of sunshine and beach and of course beautiful photo opportunities..

Thank you for the visit and I would love to hear from you.